Matt began his entertainment career in 2009! Matt has performed 3000+ shows, which include large stage shows, celebrity YouTube Channels, TV commercials, magic TV shows, America’s Got Talent, Atlantic City casino shows, magic wedding proposals, and 1000s of private events.

In April 2011, Matt completed his Bachelors of Architecture Degree from Drexel University. In 2014 Matt expanded his talents by becoming a ventriloquist with his celebrity figure Mr. Hans.

In 2015 Matt debuted his grand-illusion magic show; MATT CADABRA: Magic and Dreams.

In 2019 Matt expanded his talents to become a mentalist. In 2019 Matt performed over 500 shows, a personal record, and the most he has seen any entertainer in NJ, PA, NY, DE, and MD perform in a year.

During the 2020 and 2021 “pandemic years”, Matt continued performing (100s of shows each year), and filled his free time making home improvements on properties that he owns. Matt is also a landlord and licensed and insured contractor in the State of New Jersey.

In 2022, Matt is doing his best entertainment work to date, with the most experience and highest quality of work.

Matt has not missed a show in over 8 years…so he is a pretty safe bet.